ClearPoint Strategy: The ROI

See what makes ClearPoint a vital cog in any organization's financial machinery.
ClearPoint Strategy: The ROI
See what makes ClearPoint a vital cog in any organization's financial machinery.

In the dynamic world of strategic reporting and execution, ClearPoint Strategy stands out, driving tangible returns and productivity for our partners. This piece offers a look into the myriad benefits, from cost savings to performance enhancement, that ClearPoint delivers.

The Remarkable Financial ROI

ClearPoint Strategy's influence on an organization's bottom line is undeniable. This year alone, our clients collectively reported savings of $133 million, thanks to the platform. But how do we arrive at this impressive figure? Delving deeper:

Per Report Savings

  • On average, ClearPoint helps save 89 hours per report (click here to see how we got that number).
  • Considering an average hourly cost of $50, this translates to a savings of $4,450 per report.
  • Annually, assuming four quarterly reports, the savings per client accumulates to $17,800.

Collective Annual Savings

Since our clients are using ClearPoint to report across departments (on average about 10 departments), we are seeing the savings jump in a huge way. Accounting for monthly reporting at most of our department level support, we are seeing a staggering $133 million in savings annually. This is an astounding figure that reinforces the utility of ClearPoint.

Time: A Rescued Commodity

Beyond mere dollar signs, ClearPoint has liberated an impressive 623,000 work hours that were previously dedicated to cumbersome manual reporting. This newfound time has ushered in an era of innovation, customer-centric experiences, and strategic initiatives for our clients.

Accuracy in Reporting

In the labyrinth of reporting, the accuracy of data stands paramount. Flawed data can cascade into incorrect decisions, dampening stakeholder confidence. ClearPoint’s platform has made an indelible mark by cutting down 30,000 reporting errors annually. Given that each report has, on average, 3 errors, this is a significant reduction that enhances the quality and credibility of organizational data.

See for yourself: ClearPoint's ROI Calculator

Elevating Productivity & Unlocking Profit Potential

ClearPoint is more than a tool; it's a catalyst for unlocking an organization's latent potential. Here's how:

Dramatic Uplift in Organizational Performance

Performance enhancement is at the core of ClearPoint's value proposition. With the software's assistance, organizations have witnessed a remarkable 58% increase in overall performance. Such an uplift doesn't only translate to better numbers on a spreadsheet, but resonates throughout the organization, from streamlined operations to boosted morale.

Accelerated Reporting

The time-intensive task of report creation and sharing can be a drain on an organization's resources. With ClearPoint, this process is now 3x faster. This expedited process ensures that stakeholders and decision-makers have the crucial data they need, right when they need it. Faster reporting means quicker decisions and a more agile, responsive organization.

Tangible Return on Investment

While productivity and performance are paramount, the financial bottom line remains a critical indicator of a tool's efficacy. ClearPoint delivers an impressive 66% return on investment, derived from cost savings alone.

ClearPoint's ROI Calculator: The Ins & Outs


A testimony from one of our partners encapsulates the ClearPoint experience:

       ClearPoint Strategy has metamorphosed our approach to reporting. From tangible time and monetary savings to the crucial reduction in errors, our partnership has been nothing short of transformative.

ClearPoint Strategy is more than a reporting tool. It’s an amalgamation of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and strategic excellence. In a world where every decision counts, and every penny saved matters, ClearPoint emerges as the beacon leading organizations to success and unmatched operational excellence. If you're on the hunt for a transformative change in reporting and strategic endeavors, ClearPoint Strategy is your answer.

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ClearPoint Strategy: The ROI

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