State Spotlight: Virginia

See how ClearPoint Strategy empowers communities in our home state of Virginia.
State Spotlight: Virginia
See how ClearPoint Strategy empowers communities in our home state of Virginia.

In today's competitive business landscape, organizations in Virginia strive to achieve their strategic objectives efficiently and effectively. However, navigating the complexities of performance management and strategy execution, in addition to serving residents, can be a daunting task.

Enter ClearPoint Strategy. Based in Arlington, Virginia, and having helped countless local governments better manage their communities, ClearPoint assists organizations in streamlining their performance management processes and successfully executing their strategies with software. Featured in this edition of our State Spotlight series are a handful of the Virginia organizations ClearPoint currently supports in their strategic and performance management processes.

City of Virginia Beach

Located on the southeastern coast of Virginia, with a population of over 450,000 residents, Virginia Beach is the largest city in Virginia. With a population of such great size, the city is very diverse, comprising various ethnicities and cultures.  

The City of Virginia Beach leverages ClearPoint to track their City Strategic Plan and their Departmental Business Plans. The city’s two-year Strategic Plan translates vision and goals into an actionable strategy that guides the organization’s focus, work, and resource alignment. The Strategic Plan’s overarching key focus areas and underlying intention statements, initiatives, and performance measures allow the city to be transparent about goals, focused on efforts, and accountable for results. Similarly, the Departmental Performance Plans serve as the hallmark of the Virginia Beach Performance Program. Each department has a two-year performance plan that outlines the initiatives the department is responsible for accomplishing and the aligned performance measure that will be used to evaluate performance and progress.  

Check out our recent customer webinar with Virginia Beach to hear how the city tracks Department Performance Plans (DPPs) in ClearPoint

Get a preview into what Virginia Beach’s ClearPoint account looks like, starting with the homepage for Departmental Performance Plans:

Each of these Departmental Performance Plans are broken down into further detail, containing the Key Metrics and Resources for each. Below is an example of how their Agriculture performance plan is laid out:

Virginia Beach tracks multiple measures for each of these performance plans, and the status is automatically evaluated, so that the city can easily see how they are progressing towards the plan. Below is a snapshot of the city's graduation rate data.

Chesterfield County

Chesterfield County is a historic locale in the Commonwealth. Situated in the southern part of the state, it is part of the Richmond-Petersburg region and is one of Virginia's most populous counties. Today, it prides itself on being as future focused as it is respectful of its past.

Chesterfield uses ClearPoint to monitor their Community Enhancement Strategy, a sub-strategy to their overall Five-Year Plan. The county began implementing the software in July of 2018, and uses a combination of measures and initiative-tracking in the application to report on progress for projects to enrich the community.  

Below are some images of Chesterfield County’s Community Enhancement Strategy maintenance in ClearPoint. The county also shares more about their overall strategy efforts on their Building Chesterfield’s Blueprint page.

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Carilion Clinic

Located in Roanoke, Virginia, Carilion Clinic is a non-profit integrated healthcare organization that provides care for nearly one million Virginians and West Virginians. Carilion employs over 1,000 providers and owns a network of 6 hospitals within the region. Carilion is the largest employer west of Richmond (Virginia's capital) with over 13,000 employees, 50,000 admissions annually as well as a Level 1 trauma center. 

5 years ago, Carilion was in the market to find a product that could integrate, track, and distribute reports to senior leadership - as well as providers - throughout the system. At the time, Carilion did not have an effective tool to track and report major projects or provider scorecards effectively. Efficiency and straightforwardness were two key goals Carilion was looking to fulfill during the evaluation process. After extensive research, the clinic came to conclusion that ClearPoint was the best software solution for them.

Carilion currently has 250 scorecards housed their account, which are broken up into four main categories: Department, Clinic, Section, and Provider. These scorecards measure key initiatives such as safety, quality, patient experience, and outcomes tied to providers' work. Carilion Clinic publicizes these scorecards and measures to remain transparent, not only internally across the organization, but also externally to board members, which makes communicating what they are tracking and how they are performing much easier.

Read our case study to learn how Carilion Clinic leverages the platform to drive improved outcomes at such a large scale

By providing a user-friendly platform, robust analytical tools, and expert guidance, ClearPoint enables Virginia local governments and organizations to enhance their performance, foster collaboration, and drive tangible results. The platform allows local governments to remain transparent among residents, track progress toward goals, and share knowledge with other communities to learn best practices and continuously strive for improvement.

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State Spotlight: Virginia

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