Strategy Management Software: What Makes ClearPoint Strategy Different?

Discover what sets ClearPoint Strategy apart from other strategy management software and how it can transform your strategic planning and execution.
Strategy Management Software: What Makes ClearPoint Strategy Different?
Discover what sets ClearPoint Strategy apart from other strategy management software and how it can transform your strategic planning and execution.

Strategy management can be broken down into four main sections: Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. So, for example, to develop a strategy (plan), form initiatives/projects/actions according to that strategy (organize), lead people running those initiatives (lead), and ensure the goals are fulfilled (control). 

Given that strategy is so important in business, it’s concerning that 48% of leaders spend less than a day on strategy each month. This is where strategy management software like ClearPoint Strategy can transform your strategic success. How exactly? Let’s explore what makes ClearPoint different from other strategy management options.

6 Pain Points Every Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Faces With Strategy Management

Strategy, derived from the Latin Strategem meaning “toward a goal,” has its origins in the military. The aim was to identify the critical hill and plan how to conquer it. Today, our strategy management may not be on a battlefield, but it can still be a grueling battle. 

The challenges faced by Chief Strategy Officers can be overwhelming, often leading to efforts in vain. While the specific challenges may vary, here are the most common hurdles that strategy presents.

  1. Data issues

You can have too much of a good thing, which is certainly the case when it comes to data. CSOs frequently deal with an overwhelming amount, which can make it difficult to extract actionable insights or just handle all that data in the first place. 

We’ve also seen certain industries deal with their own challenges. In healthcare, organizations often deal with unreliable data from outdated systems. This data can lead to strategic misalignment. With ClearPoint’s data and AI features, you are able to house and analyze large amounts of data and provide comprehensive insights that would otherwise take hours or days to get your hands on. For more tips on enhancing your strategic planning, check out our 5 strategy tips for healthcare professionals.

  1. Alignment throughout the business

Ensuring all your departments are aligned and working towards overarching strategic goals is a significant hurdle. We often see departments working with their own sets of data and key performance indicators (KPIs), which can create serious operational inefficiencies. 

  1. Resource allocation

There is always a balancing game between allocating resources efficiently and maintaining strategic priorities. For example, local governments face tight budgets and varied community needs, making efficient resource allocation and strategic planning essential, yet challenging.

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  1. Stakeholder communication

It is not only a challenge to keep your stakeholders informed, but also engaged. Improving coordination across departments, regularly updating strategies and measurements, and effectively communicating progress are essential to maintaining accountability in regards to your strategic objectives.

At ClearPoint, our strategy management software offers robust reporting tools that simplify stakeholder updates, enhancing transparency.

  1. Adaptability 

Rapid changes in the market or internal dynamics require swift strategy adjustments. This can be a particular issue within sectors like local government, where the need for detailed documentation often slows processes and clashes with the need for quick adaptation.

  1. Tracking progress

Monitoring the progress of various strategic initiatives can be cumbersome. This is where an advanced strategy management software like ClearPoint provides real-time updates and comprehensive dashboards to keep track of every project's status.

Find out how strategy management software can be the answer to your strategy challenges with our in-depth post: Strategic Management Software: Revolutionizing Strategy

ClearPoint Strategy’s Core Differentiators

Making the decision to invest in a strategy management software brings with it a lot of responsibility. The solution you choose is the tool that is going to either make or break your strategy execution. However, with so many options on the market, it can be tough to identify those key differentiators that separate the standard solutions from the market leaders. Here, we break down what makes ClearPoint Strategy different.

Experience and Expertise: With over 50 years in the field, our Strategy Success framework shows our deep knowledge in strategy management. Our platform covers everything from planning to execution efficiently.

AI Integration: Our AI tools assist with strategy design, deployment, analysis, recommendations, action items, and scorecard summaries, making strategy management smarter and more effective.

Teams Integration: ClearPoint goes beyond just embedding in Microsoft Teams. We use natural language processing to handle requests, alerts, exports, updates, and mentions directly within your Teams feed, ensuring smooth collaboration.

Automation: ClearPoint automates reporting workflows, report generation and distribution, alerts, data import, calculations, and evaluations to streamline the strategy reporting process, letting you focus on what matters most.

Comprehensive Strategy Management: ClearPoint supports every stage of your strategy, from organizational plans, to departmental objectives, to even public dashboards. We help you scale and adapt your strategy as needed.

Award-Winning Customer Support: Our award-winning support team provides live chat and AI assistance to help you quickly use the application. For more complex needs, we offer personalized help with strategic planning, engagement, and reporting.

Customization: ClearPoint allows complex calculations, diverse chart options, custom fields, and organizational branding, giving you the flexibility to tailor strategy reporting to your needs.

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Compare ClearPoint With Our Competitors

Thanks to its holistic and adaptive strategy management solution, it’s pretty clear why ClearPoint Strategy is rated as the number one strategic planning and execution software on the market, but if you’re at least considering other options, let’s take a look at how they stack up.

ClearPoint vs. Cascade

While Cascade is strong in goal alignment and execution, ClearPoint’s comprehensive AI integration and automation capabilities provide a more streamlined and data-driven approach to strategy management. ClearPoint also offers more advanced customization options.

ClearPoint vs. ClickUp

ClickUp is highly flexible and excellent for project management and team collaboration. However, ClearPoint’s focus on strategic management, AI-driven insights, and deep customization for strategy execution provides a more robust solution for organizations focused on long-term strategic goals.

ClearPoint vs. Envisio

Envisio is tailored for public and not-for-profit organizations, focusing on strategic alignment and progress tracking. ClearPoint, while also strong in these areas, offers more advanced AI integration, comprehensive automation, and greater customization options, making it suitable for a wider range of sectors and strategic needs.

If you want to see a more in-depth analysis of the top 5 strategy execution software platforms out there, seek more comparisons here: The Best Business Strategy Execution Software: A Comparative Review

ClearPoint’s Strategy Management Success Stories

Here at ClearPoint, we’ve been helping users better manage their strategies for some time now. Whatever the industry and whatever the issue, our strategy management software has been able to drive results and make customers happy. Here are some real-life success stories we wanted to show off:

The City of Germantown, Tennessee

The City of Germantown transformed its approach to governance by adopting a corporate model, treating citizens as customers and services as market offerings. Through a collaborative process involving over 200 citizens, they crafted the "Germantown Forward 2030" vision. 

By consistently monitoring and transparently communicating progress with a public-facing dashboard powered by ClearPoint, Germantown was recognized with the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. ClearPoint’s strategy management software played a crucial role in tracking and showcasing these achievements.


As Velosio grew, managing performance with spreadsheets became impractical. In 2014, Velosio chose ClearPoint Strategy for its flexibility and ease of use. They quickly migrated their scorecards to ClearPoint, leading to their most successful strategic planning retreat.

Within five months, Velosio integrated ClearPoint with their Dynamics ERP system, allowing real-time data updates. ClearPoint enabled Velosio to link initiatives at the individual level, assess workloads, and prioritize tasks effectively.

Origin Bank

Origin Bank discarded its outdated strategic plan in favor of a new, data-driven approach. They implemented a detailed "waterfall" strategy, breaking down broad goals into actionable steps and establishing a robust reporting process. 

This overhaul, along with ClearPoint’s platform, led to enhanced profitability and customer service, helping Origin Bank both track their strategy and ensure consistent alignment across all levels.

Make Better Strategic Decisions with ClearPoint – See How in a Free Demo!

Choosing the right strategy management software can transform your organization’s strategic planning and execution. ClearPoint Strategy offers deep expertise, advanced AI integration, seamless automation, and reliable customer support to streamline and enhance your strategy management. Our platform turns complex data into clear insights, helping you make informed decisions that drive growth and efficiency.

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Strategy Management Software: What Makes ClearPoint Strategy Different?

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