Pacific Gas & Electric: Transforming Management Reporting

“In the past, we spent 100% of our time producing the BPR – just collecting and distributing numbers. A majority of our time now is spent on value-add work: analyzing performance, providing insights, and highlighting overarching trends and emerging issues.”

Effecting change in a large organization is, so they say, a lot like turning around a battleship: painfully slow. But some organizations disprove that old saw. Take Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E).

The method to track measures had been employed for over a decade, but the business performance reporting (BPR) team realized they needed a more efficient and powerful system.

Previously, it took the team an entire month to pull together a monthly report as they fought version control issues on SharePoint, formatting problems, and data aggregation errors. Leaders who relied on the information still had to wade through reams of paper, without the ability to get a reliable high level purview or quickly drill down.

New Process, New Platform

Something had to change. The company wanted the data presented in a high-level view, with the ability to drill down, as well as synthesize, compare, and assess trends.

PG&E considered several reporting applications, but saw ClearPoint as the most flexible. The team liked how ClearPoint was web-based, could take all the data they wanted and show it accurately, was easy for reporters to work with, and could meet all their security concerns.

ClearPoint worked with PG&E to customize the application with the company’s branding and they designed the scorecard pages to allow period comparisons. Each page includes current results, year-to-date and end-of-year data, along with forecast targets.