In order to successfully track all of your key performance indicators (KPIs), you need to gather data from across your organization. For many, this process turns into a nightmare: Someone from finance submits data from his finance reporting system, someone else from HR submits data using Excel, and the sales team sends its data via email—and you’re stuck spending all of your time trying to get the data formatted appropriately for the monthly leadership meeting.

Turns out, you’re going through all that pain unnecessarily. There’s a much simpler way to create a single, clean, cohesive monthly KPI report: ClearPoint reporting software.

Hundreds of companies trust ClearPoint to simplify their reporting processes and help them take their companies to the next level. And because we know that you sometimes have to experience a software to truly understand its benefits, you can try ClearPoint for free—right now—with no strings attached. Simply fill out this form and you’ll gain instant access to a ClearPoint demo account. From the demo, you can easily request a 15-day free trial.

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If you’d like to learn more before seeing how ClearPoint would work for your organization, keep reading. Below, we’ve outlined five ways ClearPoint enables you to track your key metrics simply and strategically.

  1. Assign an owner to each of your KPIs. By assigning ownership of each measure within the ClearPoint software, you’re able to stay up-to-date with what measure information has been added, what information you still need, and who you need information from. And the same is true in reverse; each measure owner knows what they’re responsible for updating and whether they owe you data, without having to send an email or give you a call to find out. To top it all off, you can use ClearPoint to easily send reminders to users to update this information.
  2. Build reports in multiple formats. ClearPoint KPI software makes it simple to take data from across your organization and build report layouts that suit your needs. You can use ClearPoint to create the dashboard you need for financial data, the heatmap you need for sales data, and the PDF briefing book you need for executive meetings. And of course, all reports are always dated for version control purposes.

There’s a much simpler way to create a single, clean, cohesive monthly KPI report: ClearPoint reporting software. Click To Tweet

  1. Automatically source data from other systems. The ClearPoint API enables you to pull data directly from any system or spreadsheet into the software without manual entry. Set it to pull in data on an regular basis (monthly, quarterly, or YTD), and forget about it! Your reports will show that your data is being updated on a regular basis, which means you’ll save time (no need to reach out to report owners for this information!).
  2. Send regular RAG status and data entry alerts. Ever walk into a reporting meeting where one member of the leadership team tells you they’ve never seen the information you’re currently reviewing? It’s a common issue—but ClearPoint KPI software eradicates it. With the ClearPoint system, measure owners and leadership can be alerted when data has been updated or when a measure they’re linked to has changed from green to yellow.
  3. Create a quick one-page summary report of your manually added data. Instead of your measure owners having to comb through various spreadsheets, ClearPoint enables owners to add and update various manually collected KPIs into a single form. This saves time for everyone involved.

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