Managing Performance and Transparency in Municipalities – Texas

In a new webinar series ClearPoint featured performance management experts, Shana Riviello of Austin Resource Recovery, and Amethyst Sloane of the City of Fort Worth.

Joseph, Director of Customer Success at ClearPoint, has over 10 years of experience working with customers to create efficient performance management and strategy execution processes.

Last week, ClearPoint Strategy hosted the first of three webinars in our new webinar series, Managing Performance and Transparency in Municipalities. We featured performance management experts from two municipalities in Texas, Shana Riviello of Austin Resource Recovery, and Amethyst Sloane of the City of Fort Worth.

Shana began by providing an overview of Austin Resource Recovery’s (ARR) performance management, and how they utilize ClearPoint. The City of Austin is committed to providing its citizens with the best service possible, thus motivating them to ensure all information and data they put out is as accurate and transparent as possible. ARR uses ClearPoint to track data used to justify budget requests during the annual budget preparation, so having accurate data is critical. Additionally, ARR uses ClearPoint to track each division’s performance. Each division has an overall gauge, and users can drill down into a specific division to access relevant information and data to view more details. Within that division, users can see performance measures that contribute directly to the status of the entire division. Finally, ARR is working directly with ClearPoint to customize a new ZWAC Report. This report is created for a commission each month with an overview of each department’s performance in relation to progression towards overall goals. This report is automated and formatted directly in ClearPoint, and helps to ensure accountability and transparency from each division as they work to achieve organization-wide goals.

Amethyst then described Fort Worth’s performance management initiatives, and how they got to the point they are at today. The initial goal was to have a common framework across each department. They created the Business Performance Plan (BPP), which served as a coordinated document providing each department with a common method of collecting and arranging information. Each functional division was broken down into key service areas, which were then broken down even further into KPI’s. Once the BPP’s were solidified, Fort Worth documented their methodologies to facilitate scorecard set up and capture knowledge for future reference. Within year one, Fort Worth had 82% of departments inputting data into ClearPoint, and by year two, they reached 100%. Fort Worth uses ClearPoint to ensure organizational alignment across 23 departments, 70 divisions, 172 service areas, and over 340 KPI’s tracked in the system. As Amethyst and Fort Worth move forward, they have hopes of utilizing a Public Dashboard, as well as an internal publication of department scorecards to promote transparency and engagement among their citizens.

Ted Jackson, Managing Partner at ClearPoint, concluded the webinar with an overview of ClearPoint’s Municipal Measures Library. The newly updated Municipal Measures Library is a place for municipalities to share the measures they currently use to manage their strategy with other local governments. There are currently over 340 measures in the library and users can search by title, contributing organization, or category. The 2016 ICMA measures are also included in the library. The Measures Library is a way for municipalities to work together, share information, network and promote transparency across municipalities.

Overall, Shana and Amethyst described how their municipalities are using ClearPoint in unique ways to boost performance. If you missed this webinar and would like to watch it, here is the link. Additionally, if you are interested in hearing how other municipalities are Managing Performance and Transparency, join us on September 20th for our second and third installments of this series. The City of Arvada and Fort Collins from the Rocky Mountains will be joining and giving presentations on how they use ClearPoint to manage performance at 1PM EST. Sarasota County and the City of Tamarac from Florida will then follow up and present, at 2PM EST.

The links to registration for the Rocky Mountain and Florida Webinars are embedded here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Managing Performance and Transparency in Municipalities – Texas