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In with the New… ClearPoint Strategy Website

Take a look around. Look to the right side of your screen. Look to the left side of your screen. Check out the top and the bottom, too. Okay, now bring your attention back to the center. Notice anything?

Joseph, Director of Customer Success at ClearPoint, has over 10 years of experience working with customers to create efficient performance management and strategy execution processes.

We certainly hope so! ClearPoint is excited to launch its brand new website. What you are viewing is the final result following months of hard work to improve our online presence for users and those interested in learning more about ClearPoint. We have tons of information to share and now we can present that information with a more modern look and feel.

As you have probably noticed, the site is much easier to navigate and the responsive design makes surfing easy on your tablet or smartphone. The new site breaks down all the principle features of ClearPoint and explains how it makes your life easier. Take a moment and browse the feature section. You may discover amazing things ClearPoint can do that you did not know existed.

We have created an entirely new section dedicated to recognizing our current clients around the world. You can read and download case studies highlighting how some of our clients are managing their strategies and utilizing ClearPoint to transform their organizations. The site is also loaded with quotes from ClearPoint customers and even a map to show the cities where our client organizations call home.

Since you are reading this, you clearly noticed all the changes and updates we have made to our blog. We wanted to improve our readers’ experience and be on the lookout for even more engaging content. It will be easy to find since our most recent blog posts will now appear right next to the new ClearPoint login portal.

So, take a look around when you have a moment. Enjoy. The new website is all for you.

Happy reporting and happy website surfing!


In with the New… ClearPoint Strategy Website