Our customers love us, and they’re not afraid to show it!

We love our customers, and the feeling's mutual! We've made it to the top of G2 Crowd's Leaderboard for Strategic Planning Software!

We love our customers, and we put them first in everything we do. Recently we received a lovely little reminder that our customers love us right back; thanks to their incredible feedback, we shot to the top of the Best Strategic Planning Software leaderboard on G2!

The reviews our customers have left us have earned us five stars on Capterra and 4.4 stars on G2; (we love a little room for improvement!) Our customers have said that we meet and exceed their requirements for strategic planning software and have voted us the leader in the field. So what features do they love most?


But ClearPoint is more than a software product, and it’s not just features of the tool that have our customers raving. Instead, our customers consistently identify the quality of our support along with the customization and ease of use of the tool as what they love most about being a part of the ClearPoint Community. See what they have to say about our support, customization, and ease of use below.

Our Support

"ClearPoint is a very user-friendly strategic planning solution with many capabilities. But just as important is the level of service the company delivers. From someone that is in a customer service industry, I expect and recognize service excellence. The ClearPoint team delivers just that. They are incredibly responsive, and truly take an interest in understanding the client's needs and goals. Their drive to help their clients succeed doesn't end with the initial onboarding with the software."

"The ClearPoint team is phenomenal. I know that I can call or email anytime, with any question, and I will always receive excellent customer service and a lesson on the issue. Each time I work with the team, I walk away with more knowledge about the functionality of the product."

"Unquestionably the best part of ClearPoint are the people that work there and the way they have fostered a culture that is centered around providing an exceptional customer experience. The amount of help you receive from the ClearPoint team for any minor issue is incredible. They will bend over backwards for you. The support feature of this organization is top quality."


"ClearPoint is highly customizable and the staff at ClearPoint has been willing to partner closely with us to ensure our objectives are met and we use the site in the most effective ways possible."

"We have our own organizational measurement model that is specific to our needs as a not-for-profit. We were able to implement the model using ClearPoint because the ClearPoint tool allows so much customization."

"ClearPoint's greatest strength is the flexibility of its software tool, which is able to expand as our organization's approach to strategy management matures. ClearPoint knows that the power in strategy management is not in the data collection and reporting, but in the action planning in response to the data and the software platform is robust enough to capture the entire strategy and execution process."

Ease of Use

"ClearPoint is simple to use and yet has great capabilities. We have been able to easily train a number of non-technical staff to setup and maintain their information in ClearPoint."

"The best thing about ClearPoint is the ease at which it can be designed and modified to meet personal tastes. Very user friendly, especially with the available tutorials. I don't like having to ask for help, so it is nice that I can find answers on my own to get done what I want to do with it."

"ClearPoint Strategy is really intuitive - both from an and end-user and as the administrator."

Thank you, ClearPoint Community!

To all our clients, we can’t thank you enough for choosing to partner with us and for offering us feedback. We sincerely appreciate the opportunities you give us to continue improving ClearPoint as we grow, and we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals in the years to come.



Our customers love us, and they’re not afraid to show it!