Why I Must Attend the ClearPoint Summit: A Three-Pronged Argument to Persuade your Boss

Why I Must Attend the ClearPoint Summit: A Three-Pronged Argument to Persuade your Boss
Not sure how to convince your boss you should attend? We've got you covered!

Every year we host a Strategy and Performance Management Summit featuring incredible presenters across industries including local government and the private sector, advanced training for users, a sneak peek into the latest and greatest ClearPoint features, speed networking, and fun conversations at happy hour.

Interested in attending but not sure how to convince your boss it’s worth the expense? Try our three-pronged Why I Must Attend the ClearPoint Summit (WIMACS) argument on for size.

1. I’ll return from this conference with industry best practices for us to adopt!

At the fifth annual ClearPoint summit, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from our speakers who are making waves in their industries, be it local government, healthcare, or banking. But their success didn’t just happen; it was carefully cultivated using industry best practices. At the summit, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how these organizations approach strategic management and what makes them so successful at what they do. You’ll bring back new approaches to collaboration, communication, management and more to apply to your own organization—talk about an ROI!

2. I’ll learn how we can get more value out of ClearPoint!

The speakers we’ve selected to present at the annual summit are ClearPoint innovators and experts; they’ve figured out how to put the tool to work to streamline their processes and improve efficiency. If your organization is still figuring out the best way to structure its reporting, or simply looking to do more in ClearPoint, there’s no better place to start than by learning what these leaders are up to.

But that’s not all! Not only will our presentations help you get creative with how you can leverage ClearPoint to do more, our advanced user training will teach you how to put the tool’s advanced features to use in your reporting. Not only can you see conceptually what other organizations are doing in ClearPoint, you can learn hands-on exactly how to replicate these set-ups and make use of our advanced features by attending training. At training, you’ll learn alongside others using ClearPoint and have the opportunity to connect with the ClearPoint team directly on making the most of the tool.

3. This is a networking opportunity we can’t miss!

At the summit, you’ll not only learn best practices from presentations by our speakers in local government, healthcare, banking, and utilities, you’ll also have the chance to talk to these ClearPoint experts in a group setting during our speed networking sessions (and happy hour)! You can come prepared with any questions not addressed during any of the presentations, or just enjoy interacting with others tackling the same reporting challenges. Not only can you learn from the challenges and successes that other organizations have faced, you’ll create lasting connections to be drawn upon for support and sharing far into the future.

In Sum, This Ticket Pays for Itself

Between everything you’ll learn and the connections you’ll foster at the ClearPoint Summit, this is one ticket that pays for itself. With the three talking points outlined above, you can pitch your boss on the importance of your attendance at the summit to represent your organization, then return from the summit energized and ready to put all you’ve learned at work to drive performance.

Think your boss needs a little extra push to change that hasty no to a yes? Why not offer to present all you’ve learned at the conference to your entire team when you return? This offer will not only show your boss your commitment to attending the conference and learning more about reporting best practices, it will also allow your whole team to benefit from your attendance. Just be sure you’re ready to back up this offer if you do make it—take close notes on speaker presentations and in ClearPoint training so you can share and apply what you’ve learned, streamlining your processes and putting your organization one step closer to success.

We wish you the best of luck convincing your boss you should join us for the summit, and we can’t wait to see you there!

Why I Must Attend the ClearPoint Summit: A Three-Pronged Argument to Persuade your Boss