The 9 Most Popular Balanced Scorecard Articles On The ClearPoint Blog

The 9 Most Popular Balanced Scorecard Articles On The ClearPoint Blog
Balanced Scorecard articles for those just getting started or seasoned pros.

We’ve written extensively on the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) for years. First pioneered by Drs. Kaplan and Norton, the Balanced Scorecard has helped organizations across the world link strategy and execution.  Following is a list of our most-read scorecarding articles over the last year, along with a description of what you’ll find in each. Enjoy!

1. A Full & Exhaustive Balanced Scorecard Example

This article goes into detail on what a Balanced Scorecard is and all its intricacies, from start to finish. What sets it apart is that it explains the methodology behind each section in easy-to-understand language, leaving the industry jargon out. It also includes a “cheat sheet” to industry-specific terms you’ll need to know when creating your scorecard.

2. 10 Companies Using The Balanced Scorecard (& Why)

Not only does this article name 10 large organizations that utilize the BSC, it also offers interesting Balanced Scorecard statistics about its use and four critical benefits your company could experience by putting a BSC in place.

3. 33 Human Capital KPIs & Scorecard Measures

While this article isn’t strictly about the BSC, it is an awesome tool if you’re currently working on your scorecard and your strategy. The 33 human capital measures listed are divided into four categories: compensation, culture, employment, and performance. These example KPIs may help you narrow down critical measures for your own organization.

4. How To Create A Balanced Scorecard In Excel

When it comes to creating your Balanced Scorecard, you have options: You can use software, build your own system, or create a scorecard using tools like PowerPoint or Excel. This article lays out the benefits and drawbacks of each method, and even offers a downloadable Excel Balanced Scorecard template.

5. How To Create A Balanced Scorecard

Need a quick, no-nonsense guide on how to put your BSC together? This is the ticket. It walks briefly through each step, from building a purpose statement to launching your initiatives.

6. A Complete Strategy Map Template (Including Examples)

Regardless of your industry, seeing an example of a strategy map will likely help you create your own! This article includes visual (and detailed) examples of strategy maps in the for-profit, healthcare, and nonprofit sector.

7. The Balanced Scorecard In Healthcare: Is It Necessary?

If you’re in the healthcare industry, this is a must-read. It provides clear examples as to why healthcare organizations benefit from having a scorecard in place and shows how one hospital created and implemented a BSC. You can also download a free guide that includes sample medical strategy maps.

8. What Is A Balanced Scorecard? (A Definition)

This article answers a slew of critical scorecarding questions, including:

  • How is the Balanced Scorecard typically put to use?
  • Who should use the BSC?
  • How do you read a scorecard?

Additionally, it covers a simple BSC framework and goes in-depth on scorecard tracking options. If there’s anything you’re still wondering about when it comes to the BSC—check here first for answers.

9. 143 Local Government KPIs & Scorecard Measures

Like the library of human capital measures, this extensive list of municipal KPIs isn’t only applicable to the Balanced Scorecard—it’s also extremely useful when selecting the measures to put in place in your municipality. You can also download these KPIs for free in an Excel workbook.

The 9 Most Popular Balanced Scorecard Articles On The ClearPoint Blog

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