Local Government

Use ClearPoint to drive efficiency and transparency in your city or county.

ClearPoint provides you with the all-in-one local government software you need to engage the community, execute municipal strategy, and ensure transparency.

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Performance Management

Quickly and easily generate reports to track your organizational performance.

  • Manage your strategy in one cloud-based platform.
  • Track and forecast budgeting information.
  • Use data to develop and support Work Plans.
  • Create beautiful reports effortlessly.
ClearPoint has taken all we could to throw at it and performed beautifully. It has allowed us to fully engage departments in a way we were not able to do before.

Ed Foley

Performance Analyst, City of Olathe, Kansas

Community Dashboards

Create compelling public dashboards to drive transparency.


The Community Dashboard is built to your specifications.


Reach your users on the devices they use most.


No double data entry. Make updates from ClearPoint data in 60 seconds or less.


With three types of publishing available, find a plan that fits your budget.

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Those involved with reporting on our strategy can enter their data quarterly, and the City Administrator can easily pull up all the data in one place. Since our Community Dashboard is linked to our software, we only have to add information in one place.

Adrienne Royals

Senior Analyst, City of Germantown, Tennessee

Measure Library

Compare yourself to peers and best practices to drive elevated performance.

  • Benchmark against a library of KPIs tracked by high-performing municipalities.
  • Share best practices for chart formatting, series calculations and more.
  • Access to 80+ ICMA-backed measures.

Learn from best practices.

  • Gain insight on the charts, series, data types and descriptions organizations use to track their data.
  • Read measure definitions and get contact information for those reporting on the measures.
  • Copy measures from other organizations to yours so that you can replicate their tracking and success.

Join the community.

  • See information about population, government structure, and more.
  • Contact knowledgeable administrators directly with questions.
  • Filter your search criteria and choose different municipalities for different benchmarks.
The department has never had this level of visibility before, which helps our executive team make decisions.

Mike Turner

Division Manager, Austin Resource Recovery