Scorecard software for effective government leaders.


Run efficient strategy meetings, foster a culture
of transparency, and easily collect cross-organizational
data—all while staying under budget.

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Demonstrate the progress you’re making with your city’s strategic plan.

Creating a municipal strategic plan is an important job—but if you can’t clearly communicate your strategy and progress, it can become unmanageable. ClearPoint provides you with the all-in-one local government software you need to engage the community, execute municipal strategy, and ensure transparency.

Manage your strategy and demonstrate your effectiveness with ClearPoint.

Online Publishing

Easily and quickly publish your community dashboard online, so your citizens can see the progress being made in your municipality.

Departmental Alignment

When you use ClearPoint to create a Balanced Scorecard for government, you’re able to gather goals, measures, and initiatives from across the organization and compile them into one succinct report.

Measures Library

Compare yourself with peers and network to learn best practices using the ClearPoint Measures Library. Search by program area and add measures to your own ClearPoint account to begin tracking and comparing your results.

Strategic Planning

With ClearPoint, preparing for strategy meetings is a cinch; you can gather data, format templates, and generate reports in a matter of minutes, making reporting a walk in the local park.

Leading cities and counties manage their strategy with ClearPoint.

Charlottesville, Virginia - 1762Olathe KansasCity of Fort Collins

“…In order to take our performance measurement efforts to the next level we needed a system that could adapt and support our ever evolving needs. ClearPoint has taken all we could to throw at it and performed beautifully. It has allowed us to fully engage departments in a way we were not able to do before.” City of Olathe