December Product Updates

Webinar 58 in the "I Didn't Know ClearPoint Could Do That!?!" Webinar Series

This webinar focuses on some exciting new product updates! We’ll share best practices for getting the most out of ClearPoint and integrating these new features into your process. Join us on this episode of the “I Didn’t Know ClearPoint Could Do That!?!” to learn more.

Happy reporting!

Webinar 58 Transcript


  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Agenda (0:48)
  • Calculation Diagrams (1:16)
  • Link Explorer (6:03)
  • Notification Update (11:24)
  • PDF Export Progress Visibility (15:29)
  • Integration Library (18:22)
  • Questions (21:33)

Introduction (0:00)

  • Arah: Hello everyone, and welcome to the “I didn’t know ClearPoint could do that!?!” webinar series
  • Today, we’ll be sharing our exciting new December features!
  • But before we get started, here are your smiling hosts, I’m Arah
    • Tricia: And I’m Tricia!
  • Arah: As a few housekeeping announcements:
    • We will be recording this session and will make it available within a week
    • The webinar will last about 25 minutes with time for questions at the end
    • So you can submit your questions to… the new Q&A chat box!! This is located in the toolbar at the bottom of the Zoom window.
    • As always, any that we don’t get to, we’ll follow up with over email
  • Now, on our last installment, we walked through Benchmarking in ClearPoint, so if you want to learn best practices surrounding the Measure Library and comparing against your peers, be sure to check out that recording and transcript on our website or Vimeo channel!

Agenda (0:48)

  • Tricia: Today, we’ll be covering our awesome new product updates for the month!
  • So first, we’ll cover the Calculation Diagrams
  • Then, we’ll walk through Link Explorer
  • Next, we’ll share the updates to Notifications and exporting in ClearPoint
  • And finally, we will share the new Integration Library

Arah: So again, if you have any questions you’d like us to address during the webinar, be sure to submit them to the Q&A located at the bottom of your Zoom toolbar!

Calculation Diagrams (1:16)

  • Tricia: Alright! As the holidays are coming up, we thought it would be fun to take an expedition out to the North Pole. Let’s first jump into our exploration of ClearPoint’s new features that can help us with our travels.
  • Arah: Yeah! It’s already cold and 2020 has shown us that anything is possible, so might as well venture out there now than never! It probably would be wise to calculate our expenses for this trip before we get started.
  • Tricia: Good idea! Speaking of calculations, Arah, have you ever been in a meeting and presenting from ClearPoint when your manager asks you how exactly a measure is being calculated in ClearPoint?
  • Arah: That happened to me last week! As I was in our Monthly Upward Air meeting, Joseph asked me how we were calculating the Net Profit measure. And honestly, I wasn’t there when it was created so I was stumped.
  • Tricia: Well you are about to be blown away by our new Calculation Diagram feature coming to ClearPoint soon!
    • Let’s dive into ClearPoint and check out that measure you were looking at last week to see what we can find.
    • I can scroll down to the data table can tell the Actual series is being calculated since it is grayed out, but it is hard to know exactly what data is contributing to the measure.
  • Arah: That’s exactly where I got stumped at the meeting. The grayed out Actual series looked like a dead-end to me.
  • Tricia: I see what you mean! However, now I can right click and open the Calculation Diagram to see the series that are impacting this Actual value.
    • Here we can see the Actual series from the Expenses and Revenue measures are contributing to the measure
    • We can see the status for the series and the value for those series as well
    • Additionally, I can click the Preview icon to see exact calculation and data for the period I am in.
    • We can easily see here this is calculating the Revenue minus to Expenses to get to the Net Profit value we saw in the data table.
  • Arah: That is so helpful to be able to see those Actual series. I noticed there is a plus icon next to the Actual series in the Revenue measure. Does this mean there is even another level of calculations contributing to our Net Profit?
  • Tricia: That is exactly right!
    • I can click on the Plus icon, to see what is contributing to the Actual series in the Revenue measure. If I expand that additional layer, I can see the Eastern Division might need some more attention on it’s revenue, even though the Net Profit has a green status.
    • From here, I can even open up the measure for the Eastern Division to see the Analysis on why this is off track. So no matter what, you can get to the end of the calculation exploration in just a few clicks.
  • Arah: Wow! What a time saver! You don’t have to know how the calculation was set up to quickly see what series are contributing to the Actual value. Now I can get back to Joseph and knock his socks off by explaining how the Net Profit measure is being calculated and where we should be spending our resources!
  • Arah: But wait, there’s another measure that I am responsible for reporting which uses Aggregate Series calculation to average the linked child measures in the division scorecards. How will this work for the Internal cost per flight measure?
  • Tricia: Great question! Let’s jump into that measure and right click on the Actual series to view the calculation.
    • I can click on the Preview icon to see that the aggregate calculation is looking at the child measures of the Internal cost per flight measures and averaging the Actual series across three measures to get me to the value here.
    • When I close out of the window, I can see in the Children field those three child measures that are being averaged in the calculation
  • Arah: Wow that makes it so easy to see what measures are off track that are contributing to the Upward Air measure. Now we can definitely use this to budget accordingly for our North Pole expedition.

Link Explorer (6:03)

  • Tricia: Exactly! It’s so nice to be able to see how series across my account are contributing to different calculations. You know what, this made me realize, it would be super helpful to have a similar concept when viewing links across elements! I wish I could see the big picture to plan the logistics of our Expedition to the North Pole.
  • Arah: Wait, we have just the thing for you if you want to see the big picture of how everything will be connected! Behold, the Link Explorer! This feature allows you to see how elements are linked across your account.
    • If you thought Calculation Diagrams were going to help your exploration of ClearPoint, just wait till you see this!
    • You can access the Link Explorer by clicking into an element detail page. For this example, we will dive into a measure detail page.
    • There are multiple ways to access the Link Explorer. One way is to use the drop down next to the pencil icon. Dropdown Menu It will give you an updated menu with the Link Explorer.
    • You can also access it normally through editing the detail page itself. For this example, we will click the pencil icon and edit into the page.
    • Click into the Link Explorer tab, which is conveniently located underneath the Links tab. It should also be noted that the Link Explorer tab will not show up unless your element is linked.
    • From here, you can see how this measure is linked to other elements.
    • You can search for specific detail pages in the search bar Type in Expenses
    • This will highlight your search results. So in this case, we can see all the different Expense elements across our ClearPoint account, showing that there are also other Expense measures in other scorecards such as Eastern and Central Division. Delete Search
    • You can also filter the Link Explorer by different Elements. In this case, we will filter by Measures and it will highlight all the measures in the Link Explorer. By Measure > Click All Objects
    • There are multiple ways to look at the Link Explorer. You can rotate the map to see it at a different angle
    • In order to see different layers of links, you can click on the Plus icon to expand each branch. Click Plus for Expenses
    • If we would like to see what Profitability is linked to, we can expand the same way with the plus icon. Click Plus for Profitability. It will give you the whole run down of linkages.
    • For better visibility, we can click to zoom in or zoom out with the magnifying glasses. We can now see all the elements.
  • Tricia: Wow this is very cool! But does this link explorer only apply to measures?
  • Arah: Nope! The Link Explorer is applicable across other elements also. We can also take a look into Objectives. But before we get into that, Tricia, have you ever looked at a summary report and wondered what is driving that status to show up as red or yellow?
  • Tricia: Yeah, but I don’t always like having to click back and forth through so many different pages just to figure out what’s going on. It often takes up the time that I don’t have.
  • Arah: What if I told you that you could immediately pinpoint every element that was falling behind from a summary report using the Link Explorer?
  • Tricia: What? No way! I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • Arah: I’m being totally serious! Let’s check out this Objectives summary report. Remember this is applicable across other elements than just measures.
  • Tricia: See? My objective “Comparable to Other Travel” is red, but it’s been annoying to track down why it’s red since I’ve had my hands full with all the preparation for the North Pole expedition.
  • Arah: That definitely won’t be a problem anymore. You can access the Link Explorer right from a summary report! Just hover over the element and right-click on it.
    •  It will give you a menu that shows the Link Explorer.
    • Click into it and it will take us to the same pop-up as the one we were looking at earlier.
    • Let’s max it out so we can see the full picture.
    • We now can see that there are two elements that are red and yellow that are falling behind. You can access these pages by clicking the pop out button, leading you right to the detail page.
    • Tricia, it looks like this is what’s giving you the hold up.
  • Tricia: Wow that was so quick to get to the bottom of that. And I knew it had something to do with that! Now I can shift my focus to that objective and work towards making both objectives Green!
    • This is also great because I can just see how my elements are connected as I review my summary reports before giving my presentations so I am prepared for any questions that come up.
  • Arah: Yup! You can also pull this up during presentations to get everyone on the same page and show how the strategy is all related. Not only does it show you which elements are linked to what, it also allows you to pinpoint the elements that are falling behind and understand your pain points within your strategy.
  • Tricia: Wow! I can really see the big picture of our strategy now. It used to be so hard to mentally visualize in my head alone, but now this really makes sense. It’s going to be a no brainer working out the plans for our expedition.
  • Arah: Yeah, sometimes you need a visual guide to help see things through! Also, this is going to ensure that we don’t overlook anything in our plans. Don’t forget to pack the hot cocoa, Tricia.

Notification Update (11:24)

  • Tricia: Wow, I can clearly see the connections inside of ClearPoint and also your priorities, Arah.
  • Arah: Hot cocoa is important and nutritious! What more do we need other than that and in this release!
  • Tricia: Um…I’m not sure about that. But, what I am sure about is the new feature that makes it way easier to notify users on changes that are made in ClearPoint!
  • We never want to be surprised in a meeting when the measure we are responsible for is red or the project percent complete is below expected. No matter how much exploring we do in ClearPoint, some things might go undiscovered.
  • We know that users can set up their own individual notifications on elements in ClearPoint, but did you know that Administrators can set up notifications in bulk across elements?
  • Arah: What! I had no idea, boy will this make notification setup so much easier.
  • Tricia: I know right! Let me dive in and show you how easy it is.
  • If we jump into Automation > Notifications, we see some common notifications that we already have added here.
    • When the percent complete of a project reaches 75%
    • When the owner of an objective is changed
    • When the status of a measure hits below plan
  • I can add an additional notification by clicking the Add icon
  • I want this notification to alert owners when the analysis on their measures are changed
  • Then we can choose the measures that this notification should apply to. It is super easy to just click the Link icon and with these new updates, it has become much easier to select multiple measures across scorecards. I am going to select all the measures in the Upward Air scorecard.
  • Once we have selected the measures in this scorecard, we can assign the users that should receive a notification when the measure analysis is changed.
  • We added an amazing new Quick Map feature that allows us to assign the Owner, Collaborator, and any custom user picklists automatically to measures, so assigning these will be a breeze.
  • For this notification, I want Owners to be notified if someone changes the analysis on one of their measures, so I will Quick Map the Owner field
  • Arah: Wow! This is so much easier than creating and managing notifications has been in the past. I’m gonna go set up these notifications to help remind us of things we need to do for our expedition right now!
  • Tricia: Arah, not now! We’re still in the middle of a webinar. You can do that after this!
  • Arah: Oh right, my bad. Gotta let the people know!
  • Tricia: Anyways, there’s more! The notification updates do not stop there! We have also updated the My Notifications page under My ClearPoint!
    • From here, I can see this page is sorted by notifications and I am only seeing the elements that apply to me.
    • Additionally, I can see once a change triggers an alert it will appear here and by clicking on the Preview icon, I can see all the details on the change that triggered the notification.
  • Arah: This will help so much with insight into past notifications and be much easier to manage!

PDF Exports Progress Visibility (15:29)

  • Tricia: I know! But wait, there is even more!
  • Arah: No way, there’s more?! This is starting to become an expedition of ClearPoint rather than the North Pole.
  • Tricia: I know right! But this one is important! Have you ever been exporting a really big briefing book before a meeting and aren’t sure if it is going to be completed in time?
  • Arah: You are reading my mind today!
  • Tricia: Well now when you export a Briefing Book or HTML export, you will be able to see a pie chart and a percent complete, letting you know how much time is left until the export is completed.
  • Go to Briefing Books > export the Monthly Financial Report briefing book
  • You’ll notice the pie chart appear by the name of the briefing book and we can watch this to see how the report is progressing
  • If you want to see the exact percent complete of the export, we can open this up to see the percent complete, as well as any of the reports that have been exported in the past.
  • Arah: Wow! All of this added visibility in ClearPoint is insanely awesome! Better than hot cocoa… wait but I really like hot cocoa.. Sorry I’m distracted
  • Tricia: Right, I actually have a better distraction.. A POLL!

Poll: What features are you most excited to explore?

  1. Calculation Diagram
  2. Link Explorer
  3. Notification Updates – Winner with 42% of votes!
  4. Percent Complete for Exports

Integration Library (18:22)

  • Arah: Speaking of exploring connections, that reminds me of our last announcement: The Integrations Library!  We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to highlight some of our upcoming additions to our Integrations Library that is located in our support center.
  • Tricia: That’s right! ClearPoint is focusing to become more and more compatible with other sources to better cater to our ClearPoint community needs as technology advances.
  • Arah: Nothing makes me happier than keeping us all connected and moving with the times! Going back to the basics, there are many ways to transfer data between ClearPoint and other applications. The most flexible way is directly through APIs, but that would require some background knowledge of coding.
  • Tricia: Oh no what if I don’t know how to code?
  • Arah: No worries, we also have another way that makes it easier for people who aren’t familiar with coding. That is through integrating ClearPoint webhooks and applications such as Zapier and Power Automate. Zapier and Power Automate work essentially as the inter-me-diary where they can connect ClearPoint to other sources such as Asana, Power Bi, Teams and so forth.
  • Tricia: So where does our Integrations Library come into play?
  • Arah: Yep, getting there! We decided to publish example articles that help people understand how to exchange information from ClearPoint to Zapier/Power Automate. From there, they can choose a destination app. Here’s an example of an integration using Power Automate to Asana.
    • Before we get into the example, we want to read through this article and follow the steps. Once that’s done, we can go to ClearPoint and explore this integration.
    • In this case, we can click into the Upward Air scorecard. Upward Air scorecard. Click into Initiatives and Manage Initiatives. We’re going to add a new Initiative and call it “Expedition”. Once we hit save, we’re going to head over to our Asana account.
    • And look there it is! The Expedition initiative instantly shows up on my Asana board!
  • Tricia: That’s so cool! What if my team actually uses Trello instead? Or wants a message to send in Teams or Slack when a new action item is added to our expedition packing list in ClearPoint?
  • Arah: That’s where the power of using an inter-me-diary comes in. After you get the information from ClearPoint into Zapier or Power Automate, you can set them to update these other applications and more!
  • Tricia: Having this information all in one place sure seems handy! For all of you looking to further explore these connections, keep an eye out as new articles are added to our Integration Library. Maybe going out into the cold to the North Pole isn’t such a great idea when we can just stay in and get cozy in the Integration library.
  • Arah: Yeah, actually that sounds a lot better. Drinking hot cocoa indoors while navigating ClearPoint. I guess we should rename this to the expedition of ClearPoint right from your home!

Questions (21:33)

Arah: And with that, we’d love to use our remaining time today to open up the floor for your questions!

Question 1: Here is one that came in. Tricia, you mentioned that users can create their own individual notifications on elements. Can you walk us through that? *Give Tricia Remote Access*

  • Tricia: Of course! So I showed how admins can add notifications for users in bulks, but other users can always go into an element they want to be notified on and setup their own notification.
  • When I click into Notifications, I can see the notification the admin setup for me can be applied here but I can also add a default notification for when any change is made, any update is made, or any edit is made to this initiative
  • In this case I want to be notified about any change to the status, owner, etc., so I will check next to Any Change
  • As a reminder, all users can set up their own notifications across an element they have access to

Question 2: Another question that came in: Love the colorful link explorer! My question is: can everyone in my organization see it?

  • Arah: For now both the Calculation Diagrams and Link Explorer are only available for Admins.

Question 3: In my organization, we track initiative series, like project budget. Can I see the Calculation Diagram for my Initiatives or does it only work for Measures?

  • Tricia: Yes, you can see the Calculation Diagrams for Initiatives, Milestones, Action Items, and any series that are calculated!
  • I can click into Create new Employee Training initiative and right click on the Percent Complete series to see how this is calculating
  • From here, I can tell that this is an aggregate average of the milestones percent complete of this initiative!

Question 4: Can I use the calculation diagram to create a calculation?

  • Arah: No, only visualization calculations already created in the Calculations tab.

Arah: Alright, well it looks like that’s the time we have for today! Thanks for taking the time to check out our new ClearPoint features that will be coming to your account soon! We hope you can now confidently say ‘I DID know ClearPoint could do that!’. See you next time, and Happy Reporting!