Excel is Not the Answer for Strategy Reporting

It was never designed for this - but ClearPoint was.

Software developed specifically for strategy reporting could be the tangible improvement in fulfilling your Strategic Plan that you’ve been looking for. See for yourself in just 30 minutes how local governments:

  1. Easily provide ongoing budget transparency so departments can better forecast their spend and stay on target
  2. Link projects to strategy in an intuitive way to demonstrate the value being created
  3. Bring together data from multiple systems for “single source of truth” consistency and reliability
  4. Run calculations and evaluations automatically
  5. Use workflows to collect updates (including via Microsoft Teams)
  6. Effortlessly generate different reports for different audiences

This 30-minute webinar covers each of these areas and shows how the latest software helps save time, improve strategy reporting, and keep the entire organization focused on what matters most.