Upward Airlines and ClearPoint Strategy

Here’s the story of how Upward Airlines used ClearPoint to streamline reporting across their organization.

RJ, Associate Consultant, works with ClearPoint customers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their performance management processes by leveraging ClearPoint's strategy execution software.

This is Rachel. She’s in charge of reporting at Upward Airlines. It’s a mess. She copies and pastes, formats Excel, PowerPoint, Word, while chasing data around the company.

Rachel chose ClearPoint Strategy as the hub for all of her information so that she can focus time on solving problems for her team instead of endlessly formatting reports. This is the story of how she transformed the way she manages.

The first thing Rachel did was create a new scorecard called Upward Airlines Corporate.

ClearPoint New scorecard screen


It was easy. Right away, Rachel could add all her objectives.

bulk adding objectives in ClearPoint


With her objectives in ClearPoint, she added her measures and linked them to show their relationships. In just minutes, Rachel’s report is already taking shape.

Objective report in ClearPoint with charts


Upward Airlines refers to objectives as goals, so Rachel simply changes the lingo in ClearPoint to match her organization’s reporting terminology.

Edit language menu in ClearPoint


Most of Rachel’s data was in Excel, so she just took that data and pasted it directly into ClearPoint. Down the line, she is going to use the ClearPoint Data Loader to pull data into ClearPoint automatically.

GIF uploading data from excel to ClearPoint with Data Loader


By utilizing this integration, Rachel will save time uploading data while protecting data integrity through minimizing human error. Rachel can further automate data entry by setting a schedule for the Data Loader or even integrating ClearPoint with her other apps!

Schedule setup for Data Loader

She took some time to set up automatic evaluations. Now, when new data is entered the team can see how the data looks compared to the target with an easily understood system of red, yellow, or green.

Evaluation setup in ClearPoint


Rachel went through each measure and decided on the best chart to represent her data. The charts will be important to her so she can build out dashboards to show her management team Upward Airlines’ performance at a glance.

ClearPoint dashboard with charts


With the first scorecard built, Rachel adds more users to help create scorecards throughout the company. It’s easy to add them all at one time so they can configure scorecards for their departments.

Add users screen in ClearPoint


She’s tasked the project managers to enter their project information into ClearPoint. Rachel likes how projects can be linked to objectives and measures, so everyone can see what they are working on to improve performance. The Gantt Charts make monitoring progress a breeze.

GIF editing gantt chart in ClearPoint


Rachel can also track project data with ClearPoint. For example, Rachel will choose to track each project’s budget in addition to overall progress. Rachel has created a custom graph to track percent complete in relation to budget spent.

Budget graph with target line in ClearPoint

By tracking project data, Rachel can automatically evaluate projects with red, yellow and green status icons. They’ll evaluate based on whether they are on budget.

Budget and percent complete data in data table

While project managers work in ClearPoint, Rachel takes some time to drag-and-drop elements into position to create reports. These views pull out pertinent information to review everything at a high-level.

Matrix report with data and status colors


Rachel loves how they can easily be edited and even filtered. In just weeks, Rachel is ready to fully replace their old reporting method with ClearPoint.

Before the Monthly Management Meeting, Rachel’s Monthly Management Report is sent to the team as a pre-read. After she created it initially, she set up a schedule so that it sends out to the team automatically each month.

briefing book table of contents


The Briefing Book produces a PDF with clickable links, so the management team can easily navigate from one measure to another. They’re perfect for pre-reading.

briefing book cover page


At the meeting, Rachel projects ClearPoint onto a screen while the management team discusses key decisions and strategy. She can drill down for more details as necessary and the management team can even follow along on their tablets.

GIF summary report click down to detail page


Action Items and follows ups are captured in ClearPoint. Rachel assigns responsibility and uses ClearPoint to email tasks to individuals.

Action item report with comments


Fast forward three months and ClearPoint is being rolled out across all their departments and divisions. Multiple scorecards are added and Rachel can use the user permissions to make sure the 50 users only have access and editing capabilities for their departments and divisions.

Alignment reports with objectives for all divisions


Before meetings each month, Rachel uses Email Reminders to remind her users to provide updates. She can set up a schedule so that her reminders are sent automatically, saving her a ton of time since she no longer needs to email everyone individually.

Reminder email


Rachel took the mess out of monthly reporting. Her team has all of the information they need to make good decisions in one place, and it takes her no time at all to create reports when they’re requested. Rachel has transformed the way that Upward Airlines manages. She’s up for a promotion and she’s the hero of Upward Airlines. She’s a reporting superhero.

Rachel Bye


Upward Airlines and ClearPoint Strategy